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What is my IP address?

With this Cowabi service, we show you the IP address that your router or modem has to make the Internet connection and with which we surf the internet and your mac address.

Keep in mind that there are several types of IPs: private IP or public IP address.


Easily identifying your device through which you connect to the internet is very easy with this tool. Whether a computer, tablet or mobile phone must have an IP address assigned.


These IPs are designated in local networks, and serve to identify each computer that connects from the same local network. Normally are assigned IPs with the range

Dirección IP

Utilities of your public ip

The public IP is used by many content management systems, forums and social networks to identify users on the internet. The IP is the number that identifies the user, this IP address can give priority or penalize certain actions or services, such as the speed of downloading files, spam, flooding, etc …

The wireless or Wi-Fi network also has a dynamic or fixed IP address, depending on the user’s ISP.