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With this basic pack, you won’t pay a 1 pound. We offer you indefinitely free SSD Hosting without financially risking anything. In addition, all Cowabi Hosting packs are free of advertising. See features of Hosting.

manage your budget

with custom thresholds

The web hosting free forever of Cowabi has no bandwidth limit or web space capacity. It includes the first 200MB of hard SSD disk and 1GB of data transfer. After these limits you can continue using your hosting at a rate of £0.005/ MB/month of hard disk and £0.002/MB/month of transfer. So if you use 300 MB a month and you consume 1.5GB of bandwidth transfer, you will only pay £0.50 for the excess hard drive and £1 for the transfer. If you don’t exceed the free limits, you will not pay anything. Remember that a minimum rate of £0.50 will be billed each month that you exceed the free threshold.

You can set a threshold when you place your order, from which we will notify you in case you exceed it. Data consumption is done every night at 23:55, and you can check it from your control panel.

All our web hosting services



Analysis against malicious software

We continuously analyze our web hosting plans looking for malware and phishing for free with CowabiScan


SSL Certificate

SSL Let’s Encrypt included in all web hostings plans for free .



We keep all your information daily for free.


Free CDN

Our web hostings are protected with the layer Cloudflare’s CDN.


Technical support

Basic support included in our web hosting plans.


Website Builder

We include a website builder in your control panel to make building your website easier.



No, if the free hosting promo is up you have to pay £0. Also the promo use to include a free domain registration for 1 year. After that if you want you can renew it for the price published on the web.


The disk space is the memory available in your web hosting to host images and files. On the server side there are several tasks such as system backup which do not count the quota of your disk space. If you want you can make automatic tasks to free up space on your disk like cache or temporary files purging .


You can build your web page with a web page editor or using some free web hosting tool like WordPress or Prestashop. You’ll not need technical knowledge to start to build your website but if you need something alse you be able to hire one of our web developers.


All our web hosting and servers have a basic support. That includes server’s hardware failures or connection configuration issues between the domain and hosting. All the others issues like template’s design or programming errors will need a dedicated support plan.


To publish a website in Internet it’s mandatory to have a webhosting and a domain. Also you’ll need a domain name to connect the web content with the browser’s URL. The domain helps the customers to remember a website instead a IP number. Cowabi offers web hosting from just £0.49/month so you can start your project with a little economic investment. You don’t forget to be aware of our temporary free hosting promotions for WordPress. Don’t lose yours!


The DNS (domain name system) allows you to link the IP addresses of a server with the domain name. Thanks to the DNS a web browser is able to find (from the domain name) the server where the content is located. The DNS is just a table with a rules as a [] –> [YOUR IP SERVER]. Like a dicctionary!


The SSL security certificates encrypt the information that between the server and the client’s browser. They are very useful for encrypting sensitive information such as credit cards on their website. There are different types of security certificates each one with differents characteristics.


Of course, Cowabi offer you the migration from your server to Cowabi using the Plesk’s migration tool. The Domains be able to transferred to Cowabi’s web hosting and manage them in the control panel. If you want to know how to transfer a domain of 1&1 Ionos you just have to follow the steps explained here.