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Internet speed test and how to improve web speed

Do your speed test of your Internet connection from any device and check the speed of your Internet access with ADSL or fiber optic.

How to improve internet's speed?

Here are some small tricks so you can improve Internet connection speed and browse faster and increase download speed.

Run the test you have just above to perform a speed test. This test will measure the latency between your router and your ISP, allow you to send data (to check the upload speed) and proceed to download data (to check the download speed). We will also show you your public IP.

Optimize your website

If you have slow problems on a website of your property, we recommend you check the web’s loading speed. With the free pagespeed insights tool and with the help of lighthouse, you can get performance from your website so that your visits enjoy a better user experience.

Remember that currently about 80% of traffic is mobile and despite the fact that current connections are very powerful, there is not always good coverage. In Cowabi we recommend optimizing the web load to the maximum and reducing the size of the images and JavaScript as much as possible. Using modern image formats such as webP and optimizing JavaScript execution are good practices to keep in mind when designing a website.


The good thing about wireless broadband WIFI networks, is that they allow mobility and do not force you to be in the same place all the time, however, they impair the speed of your internet connection due to many factors that intervene between the Router and your computer. (Objects, screens, walls, broadcast channel, etc …). If you are going to need a higher real speed, connect with ethernet cable to your fiber optic or ADSL.



Even today, there are many laptops and desktops with HDD hard drives. These have a limit writing speed that is sometimes much lower than what your internet provider offers you. It is useless to have 600MB hired if the speed of your hard drive is 40MB/s. An SSD disk solves your problem, since it allows write speeds of up to 600 MB/s.

Cohete internet

Internet speed scale

Less than 10 Mbps down: You should consider negotiating a rise in your internet speed with your provider since each time, web pages and streaming content are more demanding and you may suffer some delay in receiving the content. Still, to surf the internet, this speed is enough.

Between 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps download: This speed range is enough to see most of the network content. You will see the web pages without any problem. You may only appreciate some delay in high quality streaming playback.

Greater than 100 Mbps: With more than 100 Mbps, you will have enough bandwidth to watch streaming of any quality today.