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CowabiScan: Analysis of malware in web hostings

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In Cowabi you can rest easy. All Cowabi web hostings are provided free of charge with CowabiScan, a technology that analyzes all content for backdoors, web-shells, viruses, hacker tools, ‘blackhat SEO’ scripts, phishing and others.

This powerful tool, heuristically analyzes all domains that are targeted in your web hosting, including subdomains. In the case of detecting infected files, you can view them from the Cowabi control panel.

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in all your web hosting

The protection system enjoyed by CowabiScan allows you to always be up to date. Our malware detection base is updated daily with hundreds of new contributions. Cowabi take your security very seriously and our i+D department is continually working to ensure the safety of our customers.

Thanks to this, we can be up to date and detect the latest malicious files such as cryptocurrency mining scripts.

CowabiScan currently analyzes more than 25,000 domains and subdomains.

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