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CowabiGuard allows you to control all backup copies of your files and folders with a minimum history of 30 days. The backups of your system can be downloaded as many times as you need. It is a free service that we offer with all our hosting packages. Restoring a backup has a cost of £40 at the customer’s request and it’s free for Gold and Diamond support plans or in the event of a failure in your server.

If you prefer, you can make and manage backup copies yourself from your control panel for free.

Data recovery usually takes a few hours to check certain security parameters. Data is copied from one of our external hard drives connected to the main NAS. Backups are automatically made every day with a security layer at source and destination.

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backup system

Professional and Simple

CowabiGuard, makes a complete backup of all your Hosting (files, databases and emails), daily with a minimum history of 30 days.

Restoring backup data from your control panel is very simple. In addition, a support technician will monitor you from the beginning until your website is restored and functional.

Additionally, you can choose the option to save your backup copy in google drive, so that it does not consume space of your disk quota.

Backups are made on any operating system and you can include external web services files like google photos, email, your external hard drive, etc …

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