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We started in December 2012 with a young and committed team that enjoyed every day to give their best in all the challenges that arose.

We started making web applications to friends and acquaintances and little by little we were growing up to get a little hole in the incredible world of Internet.

As we increased the number of applications we needed to have a controlled environment where we could host them in one place and that is when we decided to set up our first data center. This was the first big challenge for Cowabi, we had to monitor our resources and we needed to implement the necessary software to facilitate our tasks and that of our clients.

Once our server farm is established, we begin to mature the idea of ​​offering low cost web hosting to a large audience. Little by little, and with much effort, we end up serving thousands of customers with the best technological advances of the moment. Currently we continue researching and improving to continue offering quality services at the best price.


We are experts in these three fields closely linked to each other. We continue to do consulting for companies and individuals development and maintenance of web applications as we have done since our inception. Currently, our main business line is to offer the general public a great place to host their web pages and manage their domains.